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Every woman has a secret fantasy to own a Louis Vuitton. The bag is a sign of elegance and finesse. Any woman carrying a Louis Vuitton gets more women attention than men.

The French fashion house Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 by the legendry Mr. Louis Vuitton. Since then owning a LV is like inheriting a family legacy. Louis Vuitton carries such a history of handbags that are being handed down by a mother to her daughter.

Women in high-end circles have a hunch for any thing that is high class and expensive. Thus buying a real Louis vuitton is just another accomplishment for them. But for those women who may not be born rich but still like to own a real Louis vuitton might just be delighted with all the replica Louis vuitton handbags available in the market. Even an expert with an eye for details finds it difficult to distinguish between a real Louis vuitton and a replica Louis Vuitton handbags.

We all are familiar with the LV logo, which is often seen on these handbags. A real Louis Vuitton is made out of one single material with even LV patterns at the seams too. A fake bag would not match at the seams or will carry an uneven pattern. A real LV will always have a ‘Louis Vuitton Paris- made in France’ or ‘Louis Vuitton- made in the USA’ printed on the inside of the bag. So if one can see that the bag is quite loud in its appeal and a bit too shiny, it is definitely a fake.

The real handbags are made of cowhide leather while fake ones are made from faux leather. The detailing of a real LV is done with golden threads with no loose ends in the air. The interiors have good quality lining material made of canvas, cross grain leather or micro monogram textile. A replica Louis Vuitton handbag usually does not carry lining, or have a cheap brown suede or plastic lining.

The metal accessories used in a real Louis Vuitton are made of brass & gold hardware unlike the fake ones that usually have gold plating, which wears off leaving shady patches behind. Also most metal pieces on a replica Louis vuitton handbags may have a plastic wrap, which is a clear sign that it is fake.
Finally the real LV will carry a code that is seen on all Louis Vuttion bags. The last change in the format was made in 2007 with the first two letters that represent the factory of origin and the following numbers are the week and year the bag was made.

So all the ladies who are saving precious money to own a real LV someday should keep in mind such details. Those of you, who can not afford to buy a real LV, a replica Louis vuitton handbag can serve the purpose along with helping you put the money saved to some better use.

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Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

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This article was published on 2011/06/28